Montenegro, Applications for Solari 5000+ project extended until 10 March

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Montenegrin state-owned power utility EPCG said that its Solari 5000+ project has attracted huge interest, which is the reason why the application deadline has been extended until 10 March.

Interested individuals and businesses, as well as owners of residential buildings with up to four floors, can apply for the Solari 5000+ project. It is planned that with the implementation of the project, solar systems with a total power of 70 MW will be installed.

The value of the project is 70 million euros, and EPCG will provide a subsidy of 20 % for all consumers who meet the conditions prescribed by the public invitation and qualify for the installation of a photovoltaic system.

The possibility of independent production of electricity for one’s own needs is the best guarantee of safe and reliable supply. By installing photovoltaic systems, households and business entities, in addition to the role of consumer and buyer, also acquire the role of producer and seller.

The use of opportunities offered by renewable energy sources also led to the adoption of the new term prosumer, which denotes the end customer of electricity who has the right to build a production facility and produce electricity for his own needs and to sell or deliver excess electricity into the distribution system.

Montenegro is a country with a large number of sunny days and is very suitable for the development of solar systems for the production of electricity. This is best evidenced by the fact that the intensity of solar radiation in our country is among the highest in Europe.

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