Romania, Enel X installed 26 MW in solar capacity in 2022

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In 2022, Enel X Romania was chosen by business customers for the construction of over 40 solar power plants, a number almost double that of the previous year. These solar power plants have a combined installed capacity of over 26 MW. The company said that the investment in such solutions ensures an average recovery period of 5 years.

These plants will ensure an annual electricity production of almost 30,000 MWh per year, thus contributing to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions by over 5,400 tons per year. The projects sum up about 50,000 solar panels, covering a total area of over 100,000 square meters and will be installed both on the roof and on the ground.

Customers will save almost 6 million euros as a result of the installation of these solutions, by decreasing the costs of the active energy consumed from the grid and the costs associated with the transmission, distribution of electricity, as well as the contributions for green certificates, and cogeneration.

Head of Marketing and Sales at Enel X Romania Laurentiu Brumaru said that the company has exceeded its proposed objectives and accumulated a relevant experience in the field by establishing long-term strategic partnerships, amid the current trend of increasing the energy performance of companies. It offers state-of-the-art technologies and equipment, with high reliability, coming from world-renowned manufacturers in the photovoltaic systems market. Investing in renewable energy sources no longer only takes into account the reduction of energy costs, a key objective for everything today, but also a new way of looking at the future in a sustainable environment.

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