Montenegro: Average electricity bill for households in March higher than March last year

, SEE Energy News

Power utility EPCG announced that the households consumed 116.27 million kWh in March 2020, which is 10 % higher compared to March 2019 and 5 % higher than planned consumption for March this year.

Average electricity bill for households in March 2020 amounted to 36.36 euros, which is 6.5 % higher compared to last March (34.16 euros). Lowest average monthly consumption was recorded in Zabljak municipality (16.4 euros), while the highest consumption was in Tivat, where the average bill was 46.1 euros. 60 % of households will pay less than 30 euros for electricity consumed during March, 16 % will pay between 30 and 50 euros, 19 % between 50 and 100, while 5.6 % customers will receive bills higher than 100 euros. 179,280 of regularly paying customers were granted a 10 % discount, which represents some 50 % of total consumers in Montenegro.

The category “other consumption” recorded 5 % lower consumption compared to March 2019, as well as 10.4 % lower consumption compared to February 2020, which is a result of coronavirus outbreak and changes in operation od many small businesses. This was offset by increased consumption in the residential category. Low-voltage commercial customers consumed 41.6 million kWh in March, which is 10 % lower compared to March 2019 and 6.3 % lower than planned for March this year.