Romania-Hungary gas interconnection – not enough demand for capacity increse

, SEE Energy News

The tender for the increase of the Romania-Hungary interconnector’s capacity, intended to serve the second stage of BRHA gas pipeline project, supposed to link the Black Sea offshore projects with Central Europe, was launched in 2017. Data collected in recently concluded open tender for allocating the additional transport capacity at gas interconnection between Romania and Hungary indicates that there is not enough demand for increasing the capacity of the gas interconnector along the BRHA gas pipeline route from 1.75 billion cubic meters per year to 4.4 billion cubic meters per year.

Although insufficient for justifying the investment, the capacity allocations on the Romania-Hungary direction were a few orders of magnitude larger than those on the reverse direction, of importing gas from Hungary to Romania. The situation is very surprising, because, last year, more than half of the total Romanian gas imports from Russia came via Hungary.