Montenegro: Electricity sector investment commissions established

, SEE Energy News

In order to improve and develop the sector, electricity companies and relevant Montenegrin ministries have established a Commission for Investments in the Electricity Sector. The task of the Commission is to clearly define the directions of further development of the electricity sector in Montenegro and intensify the investment process with an emphasis on projects in the field of renewable energy sources (RES). In that sense, the Commission will try to speed up all administrative and technical procedures and remove potential barriers in order to more efficiently implement the planned investments, and will continue to work on improving regional cooperation.

State-owned power utility EPCG is very interested in the construction of new hydropower capacities on the rivers Komarnica and Piva – HPP Komarnica and HPP Krusevo, for which there is already technical and planning documentation. A concession for construction has already been awarded for the project of the future HPP Komarnica, while the documentation for the construction of a hydropower plant in the lower course of the Piva river, downstream from HPP Piva, should be reviewed and adjusted to modern environmental requirements.

EPCG is also dedicated to finding new locations suitable for the construction of new solar capacities, along with the realization of the project of 50 MW wind farm Gvozd near Niksic, solar power plant Briska Gora near Ulcinj and 50 MW solar power plant Velje Brdo.

Also, EPCG is ready to, together with other institutions, make a significant contribution to the installation of solar panels on individual residential buildings, as well as on commercial buildings. One of the priority projects of EPCG is the installation of the eighth unit in HPP Perucica, whose value is estimated at about 24 million euros. The new unit would have an installed capacity of 58.5 MW, and its introduction into production would provide an additional 50 GWh of electricity per year. The project would be financed from a loan arrangement with German KfW Bank.