Romania: High concentration of wind farms in eastern part of the country

, SEE Energy News

Until the ongoing projects for increased the network’s capacity are completed no new electricity generation capacities could be licensed for connection to the network in southeastern Romania (Dobrogea and surrounding regions), said Romanian electricity transmission system operator Transelectrica.

The statement was not specific in regard to the type of generation capacities, but it is particularly relevant for the renewable energy (solar and especially wind) projects that were already launched or are planned in the region, as part of a new wave of such investments after the slowdown prompted by the change in regulations around 2013. Another reason is slow implementation of Transelectrica’s projects in this part of the country, i.e. some investments launched 18 years ago have not been yet completed.

However, the statement from Transelectrica states that things are not much better in the other region. In the northeastern part of the country, the estimate is that new generation facilities can still be connected to the network, but technical connection permits are already issued for the available capacity of the transmission network. Any new applications will require investments in the network’s upgrades.