Montenegro: Environment alliance against TPP Pljevlja

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Ecological movement Ozon considered that the Ministry of Economy when planning investments in energy field, such as the construction of the second thermal power plant in Pljevlja, should take seriously the rights of citizens and the interested public in the decision-making process, which are guaranteed by the Constitution, by a whole range of applicable law and ratified international contracts such as Aarhus Convention.

In current practice when it comes to public dialogue about energy development strategy, and purposes of construction of energy facilities, such as the second block of TPP Pljevlja, which will undoubtedly have long-term negative effects on human health and the environment, obviously it is applied underestimating attitude towards citizens and non-governmental organizations that are dealing with the protection of the environment, because in no other way can not be seen the claim without grounds, that are sent to the public by leaders of the Ministry of Economy.

Instead of fair access through public dialogue, discussing options about finding models that will at least have a negative impact on human health and the environment, openly discussing about the future of Pljevlja and northern Montenegro, arguably analyzing possible alternatives, initiating a regional strategy in the energy sector, and finally discussing about the organization of a referendum in which the citizens of Pljevalja could have an opportunity to affect the final decision, which is in accordance with the principles of the Aarhus Convention, we are witnessing the replacement thesis attempts to conceal the lack of transparency of the process.

That is why we fully support reasonable response NGO Green Home, which once again called the Ministry of Economy to promptly inform and essentially involve citizens and interested public in the decision-making process concerning the construction of TPP Pljevlja, which is, as well, a legal obligation, because only so, we can avoid any misunderstandings that may have a negative impact on potential investments in energy sector.

If you continue disparaging access to citizens and interested public and non transparent process of planning the construction of TPP Pljevlja by the Ministry of Economy, it is clear that the decision makers at the highest level, and there is an inevitable part of the Prime Minister and the Government will take all responsibility for any possible consequences of such policy.
In the shortest possible time, we hope that the Ministry of Economy will accept the suggestions that they receive from addresses of individuals and organizations concerned with the protection of the environment and human health, in order to change the current approach and open public dialogue about justification of construction of the second block of TPP Pljevlja.
Ecological Movement, OZON, as the organization which has in the focus implementation of the Aarhus Convention in Montenegro will still continue to monitor and indicate any problematic situations and decisions, and strongly support the initiatives of citizens and non-governmental organizations aimed at realization of the rights guaranteed by this important international agreement .

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