Slovenia: A new 80-kilometers TSO transmission line is open

, SEE Energy News

Slovenian Prime Minister Alenka Bratušek in resignation officially opened the newly built power line Bericevo, and it is about a two-phase transmission line 2 times 400 kilovolts, spanning more than 80 kilometers.

Transmission line has the capacity to transfer three times higher than that a nuclear power plant Krsko and will enable to secure transmission of electricity in the central part of the state and to the neighboring countries, and efficient transit of electricity in Slovenia’s electrical system.

“By the construction of the transmission line, we made a long-term goals of the Slovenian energy sector,” when opening Bratusek she said, adding that such a transmission line Slovenia needs for 30 years, and he would allow less loss of energy in transmission, and by that to create the conditions that the electricity for consumers would be cheaper.

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