Montenegro: EPCG loses 300,000 euros per day due to the non-functionality of one transformer in HPP Piva

, SEE Energy News

According to local media, one of the three installed generators at Montenegrin hydropower plant Piva is not operational due to transformer malfunction, costing state-owned power utility EPCG over 100 million euros.

One of the three transformers at TPP Piva has been out of order for over a year. Reportedly, EPCG is losing 300,000 euros per day due to this malfunction. The issues with the transformer were initially reported in October last year. No information from EPCG was released on whether the company plans to perform repairs or purchase the new transformer.

The media speculate that the funds that could have been used for such a situation were spent earlier this year when EPCG acquired the Niksic steel mill from Turkish company Toscelik for 20 million euros.

HPP Piva, which accounts for slightly less than a quarter of Montenegro’s total electricity generation, has three generators with a capacity of 120 MVA each. It also has three transformers, which are responsible for the transmission of electricity generated by the plant.


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