Montenegro: EPCG will base its development on green energy

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Further growth and development of Montenegrin state-owned power utility EPCG must be based on green energy and that means complete switch to renewable energy sources, cleaner air without additional investments and subsidies and starting a strong investment cycle, said President EPCG’s Board of Directors Milutin Djukanovic.

Djukanovic said at the Energy Summit in Trebinje that the development of EPCG must be based on launching a strong investment cycle with no additional costs for citizens, as well as creating a model that will enable all citizens to become prosumers and engage in individual electricity production.

He reminded that in the near future the realization of several projects is planned – 170 MW hydro power plant Komarnica, 50 MW wind farm Gvozd, unit 8 at HPP Perucica which will increase its output by 54 MW and solar power plant Briska Gora. where the installed capacity would range from 200 to 250 MW. In this way, in the next four-year period, EPCG could complete the realization of projects which would increase the country’s total installed capacity, which now amounts to 883 MW, by 100 %. In just four years, Montenegro would build as many energy facilities as in the previous 75 years.


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