Romania: Energy prices to support further energy sector investments

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Current energy prices in Romania are high enough to support further investments in the country’s energy sector, said Senior Manager at EY Romania Mihai Draghici at energy conference and explained that Romania is connected with Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic and the graph of energy prices in these four countries for the next five years shows that Romania is very close to Hungary, which was the leader in this period in terms of energy prices.

He said that EY conducted a comprehensive study on the impact of decentralization and identified three major critical points:

The first critical point is the one in which the energy production at the level of the final consumer becomes competitive with the price of the energy received from the supplier. This moment was estimated at the level of 2022.

The second critical point with a major impact on the energy system is where electric cars become competitive in terms of price with internal combustion cars. This moment would happen in 2025, and the expectations for the energy sector are significant both from the perspective of higher consumption and from the perspective of potential prosumers.

The third critical point was considered the one in which the production and storage of electricity becomes competitive in front of the energy transport. There is still some time to prepare for this point, which would happen in 2040 in Europe.


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