Montenegro exclusive: New TPP Pljevlja project contest, Final bids for cooperation with the EPCG

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Czechs offer 356 MEUR, and the Chinese around 277 MEUR for the construction of the second unit of TPP. Bidders offered several models for cooperation with majority state owned EPCG, managed by Italian A2A. Czech Skoda Praha for the construction of the second unit of thermal power plant in Pljevlja offers 356.7 MEUR, Chinese CMEC 278 MEUR, and Chinese Power Hubei China 277 MEUR.
The EPCG Board of Directors will yet declare on the partner for that job.

Nine companies applied for the construction of TPP in Pljevlja. Four remained shortlisted, and for the negotiations were selected these three.
At the start Skoda Praha offered to build a power plant of 250 megawatts (MW) with an efficiency of 39.5 percent at a cost of 329.5 MEUR.
Power Hubei then offered 269 MEUR for the thermal unit of 220 MW, and CMEC 210.5 MEUR and 255 MEUR for a unit of 220 and 300 MW.

The final bids are:
• The company Skoda Praha offered a construction of unit II of 254 megawatts (MW) with an electricity efficiency of 39.5 percent
• Company Design Institute and China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC) in the introductory document states that it is ready to build TPP of 250 MW with an efficiency of 39 percent
• Company Powerchina Hubei Electric Power Survey in its bid offers the construction of unit II of 250MW and efficiency of 39.2 percent

“All three companies that submitted the contract draft and final offers state that the project performance is in accordance with the defined Conceptual project and that they are ready to provide favorable loans in the amount of 85 percent of the required total, with mandatory technical and ecological rehabilitation of the existing unit. Potential partners say that the new unit will meet all the most demanding requirements of modern technology (BAT), best practices of European countries and environmental protection to all EU directives”, announced in EPCG.
They add that the working group and Steering committee for the project implementation will analyze in the coming period received financial and technical bids on which basis they will prepare a business plan and feasibility of each project individually.
It is expected the choice of the final bid.

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