Montenegro: Gov decides on selection of bidder for TPP Pljevlja new unit construction

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By the end of the year it will be known who will build the second unit of Thermal power plant in TPP Pljevlja. Electricity restrictions, import and export of electricity, more than a thousand miners out of work, closing of existing TPP and 70 MEUR for its environmental cleanup would be consequences if Montenegro do not construct a second unit in TPP Pljevlja.

That is why the Government ticked with red letters in the Energy Development Strategy that the construction of TPP Pljevlja was priority. The building would allow energy independence, but also the electricity export.

From the local government say it will take care about the environmental aspect of the Thermal power plant.

“This is the cheapest and fastest way to get a new energy source in Montenegro. We have 30 percent of the infrastructure that exists there, so that it can be exploited now. They would have the ability to export electricity to Italy, our energy would be well valorized there”, said Director General for Energy Directorate Miodrag Canovic.