Romania: Hidroelectrica marks 28MEUR profit in October 2014, positive trend projection for 2014 profits

, SEE Energy News

In October 2014 Hidroelectrica achieved the highest monthly profit of the company since its foundation. October 28MEUR was the highest profit recorded ever in company history.

Profit for ten months was 213MEUR, up by 23.64% compared to gross profit accumulated in the first 10 months of 2013.

Meanwhile, in the analyzed period (first 10 months) the company produced and delivered 15.5 TWh, estimating for the entire 2014 production of 17.5 TWh minimum.

Turnover for the first 10 months of 2014 thus reached 629MEUR, exceeding the 11.24% figure recorded in the same period last year, an estimated turnover for the full year of 722MEUR.

These results lead to estimates of 248MEUR profit this year, increasing by 22% compared to the result last year and three times higher than the profit recorded in 2010, when the highest production of electricity was recorded by Hidroelectrica in value of 20 TWh.