Montenegro: Households to start paying RES supportive fees

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Starting from this month the households will start to pay a fee to encourage electricity production from renewable sources within the electricity bills, according to the Regulation adopted by the government this year.

The Ministry of Economy said that the Electric Power Industry of Montenegro (EPCG ) have been obliged to express a new item in transit at the electricity account, or compensation for the promotion of electricity from renewable energy sources .

– The amount of compensation is defined in the Regulations and it is 0.0000652 EUR per kilowatt hour. Payload at the bills of end consumers is calculated by dividing the amount of the fee multiplied by the power consumption of each consumer, said the representatives of the Ministry.

According to estimates of the Ministry, for the average electricity bill of 37 EUR, which includes the consumption of 364 kilowatt hours, the expected payload is 2.4 cents.

The fee will be in effect for this year, and it was determined, as explained on the grounds that small hydropower plant (SHP) Jezerstica began to operate, while until the end of the year it is expected to start operating another two small hydropower plants.

About 350 thousand of households pay the electricity bill, which means that the citizens will allocate 67.000 EUR for green energy during this year.

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