Montenegro: Komarnica HPP will not be built

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The hydroelectric plant on Komarnica should not be built and it will not be built, said the Minister of Ecology, Spatial Planning and Urbanism Ana Novaković Đurović.
“This Government has not, nor will it, undertake any activities on this issue… This is not a strategic decision of the Government,” she pointed out.
She said that they have different plans and that they know how to support municipalities from that area.
She reminded that it is not a municipal issue, but a state issue, that is, the decision on construction should be made by the Government.
The minister said that she expects the draft of the Spatial Plan of Montenegro to be finalized by the end of the month. “In a week, we will have a new Law on Spatial Planning at the public hearing. I believe that we have prepared a legal text that will significantly change the current practice of spatial planning in Montenegro,” she stated.
When asked how much time citizens will have to legalize buildings when that document enters into force, the minister pointed out that a special law is needed for that, which is in the final stage.
Novaković Đurović said that several dozen illegal buildings were demolished this year.
Asked what happened to the demolition of illegal buildings owned by outgoing president Milo Đukanović, the minister stated that the subject of supervision used its legal option and filed a complaint. “My position is that the decision was legal, but the second instance body
will decide on it”.
“We are ready and waiting for June 11th”
Novaković Đurović said that the URA and the Democrats will submit the electoral list tomorrow, but she did not want to reveal who will be in charge.
“We are ready to wait for June 11th, very proud as URA of everything we have done so far.
We have learned numerous lessons, the period since 2020 has been very turbulent and significant for this party, and for the country in that sense,” she stated. She said that she is sure that the coalition’s program “will be superior”.
“I am sure that the civil block, in relation to which the URA and the Democrats represent a kind of foundation, will first expand, and second, without a doubt, be a key factor in further political processes… The departure of some decades-long politicians and the changes we are having indicate that are topics of division – topics of the past,” she concluded.

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