Montenegro: More than 800 million EUR spent for electricity imports, new projects to generate export

9. April 2013. / SEE Energy News


Montenegro provided more than 800 million EUR for electricity import in the last 13 years, beside high hydro power and thermo power potential- Energy Advisor in the Ministry of Economy stated.

Jablan estimated that construction of new plants is required in order to eliminate constant electricity deficit.

“The biggest deficit was in 2007 when more than 2 billion gigawatt-hours were imported”, Jablan said on common conference of Board for Energy, Mining and Construction Association in Montenegrin Chamber of Commerce.

Jablan thinks that studies of hydro potential use should be done for all rivers that don’t have HPPs, to make agreement with neighbor countries for common potential use and to intensify analysis related to Boka and Kruscevo HPPs’ construction possibility.

According to his words, the constructions of HPPs on Moraca and Komarnica are planned, as well as the construction of TPP Pljevlja second block, renewable energy sources and small HPPs on wind, waste and biomass.

He reminded that Montenegrin Government adopted energy policy that predicts electricity to be exported because it is estimated to be the only product Montenegro can compete on European market.

“Montenegro will be able to export around 2 thousand kilowatt-hours of electricity with the construction of new HPPs by 2030, and export and import should be balanced by 2025 what would make production large enough to cover consumption”, Jablan stressed.

He added that construction of 4 HPPs on Moraca is planned- Andrijevo, Raslovici, Milunovici and Zlatica. These plants should be finished in six years and total expenses of construction will be 543 million EUR.

Source; Serbia Energy SEE desk/MNE gov

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