Montenegro: Political games around new TPP Pljevlja unit

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The Ministry stated that Skoda Praha is committed to follow the requirements of EU standards for coal combustion technology.

According to the announcement from the Government department, the Ministry of Economy precisely submitted information to the public related to what the Project for the construction of the second unit of TPP Pljevlja implies, and a former EPCG Board of Directors member Dejan Mijovic (URA) have not stated, even in the repeated response, which are slightly more expensive thermal power plants with more advanced technology.

The Ministry reminded that the power plant will have the installed capacity of at least 254 MW with net efficiency of no less than 39.5 per cent, in the amount of EUR 324.5 million in accordance with agreements on services for development of detailed design and on early works agreements and the specifications requested in the tender

“Skoda Praha has committed itself to implementing offered technical solution that would ensure following guaranteed EU requirements for the PC coal combustion technology in TPP unit 2”, the Ministry reported.

As added, it was very precisely defined what is foreseen in all aspects – from the price, through technical and technological requirements, to environmental protection.

They also plan to use the best available techniques (BAT), including all the cleaning measures for exhaust gasses in accordance with the European directives

As recalled, the agreements were also finalized on the basis of analyses of the leading companies Poyry, Fichtner and Deloitte, which are available to the public.

“Fichtner mentioned the scenario of coal mine optimal functioning, but Mijovic avoided to say what will happen to workers in case the construction of second unit would not be implemented. As for the claim that A2A can sell their shares in EPCG to whom it pleases, Mijovic again avoided to respond what is the solution for which he stands, and that is the contract with A2A has not been signed”, announced from the Ministry.

The interests of the state in EPCG, as it is claimed, are protected on multiple levels, from put option, to pre-emptive rights which remain in full force and effect even when the contract expires.

What is Mijovic alternative? asked the Ministry

The Communists asked the Government to withdraw the decision to build TPP

The League of Communist of Montenegro asked the Government to withdraw the decision on the construction of the second unit, because they believe that power plants are only forced solutions where there is not enough water flows, but not for a country which has abundance of them, as it is the case with Montenegro. The communists have concluded that the intention of Government to build a second unit is wrong decision and that even the first unit should be closed as soon as possible, when an adequate hydropower plant is built or even more of them.

“Statement of the Government and its “experts” that this would be modern and contemporary thermal power plant, constructed according to the latest standards in relation to environmental protection, is only “a hoax”, and wouldn’t be convincing for laymen, and certainly not for experts.  Even the statement that the heating plant, which will operate in parallel, will reduce or eliminate pollution of Pljevlja, is not realistic, because the main pollution comes from the existing TPP, rather than households, which use coal and wood”, said the Communists. They think the money that will be spent for the second unit, can be used for the construction of two small hydropower plants, which would fully meet the needs of Montenegrin economy and households, and the surplus would be used for export to foreign markets. “If this Government is keen to destroy the health of the citizens of Pljevlja or force them to relocate, it is on the right track, or it thinks that will be given gas masks and protective suits and thus solve the pollution,” said the League of Communists.