Montenegro: Power utility EPCG plans capacity increase in HPP Piva modernization project

, SEE Energy News

The project for revitalization and modernization of hydropower plant Piva, under which the tender documentation for equipment procurement is in preparation, will significantly contribute to the extension of the operational life of this facility, said the statement from power utility EPCG.

Head of modernization of hydropower plants unit at EPCG, Bosko Bozovic explained that during the preparation of tender documentation two options are considered. In the first variant, the extent of modernization, in addition to turbine regulator and generator control system, includes the generator’s primary equipment (turbines and turbine equipment, generator equipment and block transformers). Thus, the power output of the plant will be increased.

The second variant does not include increasing the power output of the plant and generator’s primary equipment is excluded from the scope of the revitalization. The scope will be limited to replacement and modernization of the entire turbine control system and generator control system, while the revitalization of primary equipment would be carried out in some later stage of the project.

Bozovic added that, at the same time, project documentation for construction works which will include the revitalization of the dam and the construction of protective structures is being prepared as well.

EPCG adopted a decision on the revitalization of HPP Piva in 2007. The project involves the revitalization and modernization of hydro-mechanical and electrical equipment in order to extent the operational life of the plant by additional 30 to 40 years, transmits