Montenegro; Russian owners of KAP claims Montenegro TSO Company CGES is to blame for electricity overtaking from EU Interconnection system

21. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

Aluminum Combine (KAP) has rejected both possible options for protecting balance in electricity system and disabled normal functioning of Montenegrin Interconnection System- it is stated from Montenegrin Electricity Transmission System (CGES).

Ex Acting Director of KAP, Jurij Moisejev has accused Government representative of Managing Board of the Company Nebojsa Dozic and Acting Director of CGES, Ljuba Knezevic that they are responsible for unofficial consuming of electricity from European Interconnection.

It is stated in reaction from CGES that KAP has been constantly rejecting the only two possible options for saving balance in electricity system- planned conservation of production or contract signing with licensed supplier and so it disabled normal functioning of Montenegrin System in interconnection.

“Every responsibility transfer for such work to other subjects in the system is without any base in Montenegrin Law, positive practice and facts related to the concrete case”, it is stated from CGES.


Source; Serbia Energy See desk/CGES

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