Montenegro: Skoda offer for the second block of TPP Pljevlja

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Czech Company Skoda Praha should deliver an offer for the construction of the second block of TPP Pljevlja . Daily Pobjeda claims that the Czech offer which includes the most modern equipment in energy area will be satisfying from the financial aspect.

President of Managing Board and Executive Director of the company Daniel Jizicka will lead the delegation of Czech company. According to the words of our interlocutor, Skoda Praha will offer equipment that satisfies all modern standards in energy sector and use of energy lignite in Pljevlje.

-The Company will provide to investor Montenegro Energy company EPCG investing in construction of the TPP’s second block over Czech Export Bank. Czech must have eminent interest to offer the best quality and most modern equipment that will satisfy needs of Montenegrin Energy System- he said.

Dialy interlocutor claims that offer will be in accordance with design solution i.e. the feasibility study which was done for EPCG by Slovenian Consortium and it will be satisfying from the financial aspect, too.

He couldn’t say in which amount, but he stated that offer should be in the limits given by Chinese i.e. around 275 million EUR.
Skoda Praha has delivered to the Agency for Promotion of Foreign Investments a letter about their intentions which she expresses its readiness to participate in the construction of the TPP’s second block.

Skoda Praha is behind the biggest number of energy projects in Czech Republic. It participates in all realization phases of the project from designing, construction, equipment installation to plant navigation. The company participated in the construction of facilities stronger that 40 thousand MW in 25 countries.

The Company Executive Director Daniel Jizicka said for Pobjeda that he sees intentions of his company as a huge challenge but that they are aware that their many years’ experience, efficiency and knowledge are the best guaranty for successful realization of these projects.

He said that Montenegro has a chance to become a regional energy center.

-We want to be included in this market because we believe in its future perspective. Of course, the project of transmission cable between Montenegro and Italy is something that gives “wind in the sails”- Jizicka stated.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk/ Pobjeda