Montenegro: TERNA Italy seeks Croatian approval for determination of underwater power cable route

, SEE Energy News

The Government expects that the Italian partners adhere to the terms; from them have assurance that they will keep contracting guidelines regarding construction of the electric power cable between Montenegro and Italy, said Minister of Economy Mr. Vladimir Kavarić after the session of the Government.

“As far as getting approval from Croatia for determination the route of the cable, from the formal-legal aspect that is part of the work which is to be performed by the Italian partners, and it is their contractual obligation that we expect to be fulfilled,” Mr.Kavaric added.

He said that the Montenegrin side is in realization of process in accordance with the planned schedule and contract. The cable should be active by 2016  or in 2017.

“Montenegrin transmission system CGES has completed tenders for two of three projects which should be conducted; regarding that issue we expect the beginning of construction during this year. This is important because a large part is related to the participation of domestic construction companies and we expect a positive impact on economic growth in the country, “said Kavaric.

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk


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