Montenegro: Wind farm Brajici, construction contract signed

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Wind farm Brajici is a 70 MW wind farm. Montenegrin Government has signed a contract for the construction of Brajici worth 101 million euros with German company WPD Windmanager.

Last August, Montenegrin Ministry of Economy has launched a tender for the construction of Brajici wind farm with installed capacity of at least 70 MW. Tender included 30-year concession for a lease of 13.8 million square meters land plot in Brajici intended for the construction of a wind farm, with annual fee of at least 0.05 euros per square meter. The tender is open for companies which have built wind farms with total capacity of 500 MW, among which at least one of 50 MW or larger capacity, and recorded an annual turnover of at least 100 million euros in the 2016-2018 period. Montenegrin-German consortium (WPD – Vjetroelektrane Budva) submitted the only bid on the tender for the construction of Brajici wind farm. Tender documentation was bought by five companies, among which was the consortium who submitted the only bid on a tender that concluded last week, two companies from Finland, one from Belgium and one from China.

Estimated annual electricity generation of the future wind farm is 220 GWh, enough to cover the needs of some 50,000 households. Director of Croatian subsidiary WPD Adria Zoran Obradovic said that the wind farm will be operational within four years.