North Macedonia, Country still hasn’t secured electricity imports for the winter season

, SEE Energy News

North Macedonian deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Bitici said that the Government should sign agreements on electricity imports for the winter season next week.

Bitici said that he expects positive outcome of ongoing negotiations, adding that the acceptable price would be that lower than current futures on the exchanges.

He explained that this electricity will be supplied to commercial consumers and the Government will do everything in its power to secure the most affordable electricity. However, he pointed that the expectations of the largest commercial consumers are too big and the Government will not be able to subsidize the price.

Last week, Bulgaria and North Macedonia have failed to reach an agreement on the price of electricity that Bulgarian producers should export to the neighboring country during this winter, but the both sides stated that the negotiations will continue. Also, Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi visited Turkey this week and discussed possible electricity imports.