North Macedonia, ESM announced a tender for the purchase of at least 100 MWh of gas

, SEE Energy News

AD ESM has announced a tender for the purchase of natural gas for the period from January 1 to April 30, for the East and West heating plants that supply thermal energy to Skopje, and the minimum required quantity is 100 million kWh.

Futures on the Dutch stock exchange TTF are currently around 120 euros for delivery in January and February, and at the same time the Bulgarian operator Bulgartransgaz announced that the price in January will be around 100 euros per MWh, or 0.1 euros per kWh.

A framework contract should be concluded with the qualified bidder by December 23, and by December 26 it will be known what amount of gas will be delivered.

The winner of the ESM tender for the procurement of natural gas for the production of thermal energy could initially provide income of 10 to 33 million euros in 2023.

Until now, ESM has been purchasing natural gas on a semi-monthly and monthly basis.

For December, natural gas from “Makpetrol prom-gas” and thermal energy from TE-TO were provided. In December, ESM took over the management of the Skopje Sever heating plant for heating citizens, institutions, kindergartens and schools in the municipalities of Čair and Butel.

From January 1 next year, North Macedonia will be able to be supplied with gas from several sources via Bulgaria, after GA-MA AD and Buglartransgaz EAD signed a contract on gas supply and distribution at the Ćustendil-Židilovo interconnection point. The agreement ensures the liberalization of the natural gas market in the country, and 500 thousand cubic meters of gas per day will be provided through Bulgaria.