North Macedonia, ESM, price of electricity to cover losses 110 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

The Macedonian state producer of electricity, Elektrani na Severna Makedonija, states that at the EVN tender, which was closed on December 16, a lower price was accepted to cover losses in the network, while the price of electricity for supplying customers will be higher than in 2022.

At EVN’s tender for the purchase of electricity to cover technical losses in the distribution system, for the amount of 437,566 MWh for the period January – June 2023, AD ESM submitted an offer at a price of 110 euros per MWh, instead of 143 euros per MWh. how much has the price been so far.

At the tender of the universal supplier EVN HOME for the purchase of electricity for the regulated market for the amount of 2,043,095 MWh, also for delivery in the first half of 2023, ESM submitted an offer of 56 euros per MWh, instead of the previous 48 euros per MWh, ESM announces.

By the end of the year, the Energy Regulatory Commission should include the new prices in the bills of end consumers for the period from January 1 to June 30, 2023.