North Macedonia, Gross electricity production 5.8 TWh in 2022.

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The gross production of electricity in North Macedonia increased in 2022 by about 5.8 percent on an annual basis, to 5,823 GWh, the National Bureau of Statistics announced last week.

Net electricity production increased last year by 4.2 percent compared to 2021, to 5,415 GWh, Maxstat said in a statement, citing preliminary data.

Thermal power plants had the largest share in gross electricity production in 2022, with 3,346 GWh produced, which is 44 percent more than in 2021.

Hydropower plants produced 1,345 GWh, which is 7.3 percent less than the previous year.

In the same period, the production of wind parks in North Macedonia increased by 4.2 percent, to 107.7 GWh, while solar parks produced 33.1 GWh, which is 31 percent less compared to 2021.

Macedonian electricity imports decreased by 31.8 percent on an annual basis, to 1,936 GWh in 2022.

Electricity exports amounted to 523.2 GWh in 2022, compared to 359.1 GWh exported the previous year.

Losses in distribution decreased by 6.6 percent on an annual basis, to 971.9 GWh in 2022.

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