North Macedonia, Households and small businesses can sell electricity they produce from 1 July

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The amendments to the Law on Renewable Energy Sources, which will enter into force on 1 July, pave the way for the greater utilization of solar energy in North Macedonia, because households and small businesses (prosumers) will be able to sell electricity they produce to universal supplier, namely EVN Home.

According to the amendments, households will be able to set up solar panels up to 6 kW, while for small businesses this limit rises to 40 kW. The universal supplier will buy electricity at the average selling price for households and small consumers, and the calculation period will last six months, the first from January to June and the second from July to December.

The Ministry of Economy announced that the Government will invest around 1 million euros in subsidies to households for the procurement and installation of solar panel until the end of the year. Households can receive subsidies of up to 30 %, or up to 1,000 euros each, to buy and install roof solar panels for the production of electricity for personal needs or for sale.