North Macedonia: Subsidies for preferential RES electricity producers

, SEE Energy News

RES support scheme is funded by the North Macedonian consumers with 6 % of their electricity bills. Preferential producers participate with 6.17 % in North Macedonia’s total electricity production. The support scheme envisaged guaranteed purchase of produced electricity at preferential prices for 15 to 20 years, depending on the type of production.

Preferential producers of electricity from renewable energy sources were paid around 42 million euros in subsidies in 2020.

This sum was paid to 95 small hydropower plants, 198 solar power plants, three biogas facilities and one wind farm which are included in the RES support scheme.

Wind farm Bogdanci, operated by state-owned ESM, received 10.5 million euros in subsidies, while three biogas power plants received 10.4 million euros, of which 4.5 million was paid to the facility in Logovardija.

Operators of small hydropower plants received a total of 16 million euros. SHPP Tikves 2 produced 9 million kWh of electricity in 2020 and received about 500,000 euros in RES subsidies.

Solar power plants received 4.8 million euros, among which Mega Solar produced 1.475 million kWh of electricity and was paid around 600,000 euros.