North Macedonia: TPP Bitola Unit 1 online again

, SEE Energy News

Unit 1 of coal-fired thermal power plant Bitola has been reconnected to the network on 2 February, following the stabilization of production of Suvodol coalmine and currently, unit 1 and 3 of TPP Bitola are in operation, said North Macedonian state-owned power utility ESM. In mid-January, ESM said that heavy rain and snow in the Bitola region had a negative impact on the operation of the coalmine, and thus on the entire TPP Bitola complex. The rains of over 100 liters per square meter and the flood water caused a delay in the preparations for moving the tracks that transport coal from the Suvodol mine to the thermal power plant, due to which the operation of unit 2 has been suspended since the morning of 15 January.