North Macedonian electricity exchange will be launched in May

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CEO of North Macedonian electricity market operator MEMO Simon Sutinoski said that the launch of the day-ahead market has been scheduled for 10 May.

The launch of the exchange will bring North Macedonia an hourly price of electricity that will be relevant for its production and demand, unlike the current benchmark, which depends on the price of Hungarian energy exchange HUPX.

The exchange is expected to be liquid from the first day, with MEMO, as the nominated electricity market operator, being responsible for its launch and operation. At first, trading will be conducted only within North Macedonia, until the first market coupling with an exchange in a neighboring country, with plans to introduce intraday market at a later date.

Last year, MEMO chose Slovenian BSP SouthPool for providing clearing and settlement services, while EPEX Spot will provide the trading platform.

MEMO was established in 2020 with the main goal of the launch of the country’s energy exchange. The establishment and operationalization of MEMO as an organized electricity market operator in North Macedonia was supported by technical assistance projects under the WB6 regional energy market connectivity initiative, implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat and funded by the European Commission.

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