Romania, E-Distributie companies invested 21.5 million euros in network modernization in 2022

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E-Distributie companies, the electricity distribution operators within the Enel Group, invested in 2022 some 21.5 million euros in high-voltage projects in Bucharest, Ilfov and Dobrogea and Banat regions. The key projects consisted in the construction of new transmission lines and in the modernization of underground and overhead transmission lines, along with modernization works in primary substations.

E-Distributie Muntenia has made investments of 12.2 million euros for modernization works of some high-voltage lines and primary substations in Bucharest, while 3-6 million euros were invested by E-Distributie Dobrogea, in the modernization of some primary substations in Ialomita and Constanta counties. E-Distributie Banat has made investments of 5.7 million euros, mainly in the modernization of a high-voltage overhead transmission line in Hunedoara county.

The network operated by the three E-Distributie companies consists of 286 primary substations and over 24,000 substations. In 2022, they distributed 15.5 TWh of electricity through high-, medium- and low-voltage networks.

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