Northern Macedonia, ESM prepares 250 MW gas power plant and four MW PV power plants in REK Bitola

, SEE Energy News

Macedonian state electricity producer AD ESM is preparing to build four photovoltaic power plants with a total installed capacity of 280 MW within REK Bitola. According to the company, the first 20 MW power plant will be located within the plant, right next to the thermal power plant.

The preliminary design is being prepared by a consultant of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), followed by the preparation of technical specifications and tender documentation for the selection of contractors, according to ESM.

Another 60 MW photovoltaic power plant should be built on the site of depleted coal deposits in the Suvodol mine.

A tender is underway for the selection of a consultant for the preparation of a feasibility study and an environmental study, and then the project will be implemented with the most appropriate funding model. Funds for the study come from a KfW bank grant, ESM said.

A third 100 MW solar power plant will also be built at the Suvodol mine, while a fourth 100 MW PV plant will be located at the Brod-Gneotino mine.

Preparations are underway for the construction of a gas power plant in REK Bitola, with an initial installed capacity of 250 MW, which will provide electricity and heat for the cities of Novaci, Mogila and Bitola. The construction of the heating pipeline is in progress, adds ESM.


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