OMV Croatia network sold to Kroduks Derivati, withdrawal of OMV from Balkans completed

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Company “Kroduks Derivati” is the new owner of Croatian branch OMV. Čermak’s company became the owner of 63 OMV gas stations on Croatian territory, warehouse capacities on Janaf terminal in Omišlje and all existing trade contracts that company ever had.

OMV withdrawal from Croatia and BiH, that lasted more than year and a half, was finished this way. Many domestic and foreign companies were mentioned as potential buyers of OMV chain, but Bosnian subsidiary was sold to Russian GaspromNeft in the end, while Čermak gave the best offer for Croatian part.

Although, the value of transaction was not officially revealed, OMV is being unofficially speculated to have incomes in amount of little less than 100 million Euros. Čermak’s “Kroduks” will finance taking with credits from business banks where main part is played by “Privredna Banka Zagreb”. Čermak bought the best and the most efficient chain of gas stations in Croatia for that amount of money, for sure.

Source Serbia Energy SEE Desk