Rebublika Srpska: Russian Tornado completes TPP Ugljevik equipment installation, Flue gas desulphurization project expected to be financed by Japanese credit line

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TPP “Ugljevik” successfully finished automation process i.e. introduction of system for block management and monitoring . This investment is around 2MEUR worth. Company was visited by representatives of Russian Company “Tornado” which completed this significant job yesterday

Introduction of automation of the block intends to achieve more optimal work and influence of subjective factor will be significantly decreased in management with this facility. The old system is completely changed with the new one in the scope of this business- Dragan Miljanovic, Acting Director for Mine and TPP Ugljevik, explained.

Milorad Zivkovic, Director of Project Implementation Administration in the scope of “Elektroprivreda RS” reminded that the project 2MEUR worth is financed from the World Bank’s credit.

Russian Company “Tornado” has many years’ experience in such and similar business. However, this is the first example that technology made in Russia is used in RS i.e. BiH- Oleg Serdarov, Director of this company said.

TPP “Ugljevik” begins the first phase and two important ecology projects these days: desulfurization of smoke gases and reconstruction of filters. Value of these investments in around 125MEUR and assets were provided by this company and credit from Japanese Bank.


Source; Serbia Energy See desk/ERS RS