Region, Average weekly spot prices of 222-255 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

In the period from November 21 to 27, electricity prices in Southeast European countries recorded fluctuations as gas prices were lower at the beginning of the week, to rise in the middle of the week and weaken on the last day of the week. Greece and Hungary recorded an increase in prices, while Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Croatia recorded a decrease. The price of electricity in Greece increased by 2.2% compared to the previous week.

Average weekly spot electricity prices in Central Europe rose in all markets, except Slovakia and the Czech Republic, to over EUR 200 per MWh, with Germany achieving the lowest price of EUR 216.7 per MWh. Switzerland had the highest price in Central Europe at 256.96 euros per MWh, after an increase of 10.7% compared to the previous week. Wholesale electricity prices in France rose by 12.8% to 221.85 euros per MWh.

Average weekly spot prices of electricity in SEE ranged from 222 to 255 euros per MWh, while wholesale electricity prices in Serbia were down to 221.66 euros per MWh. The Greek price was 238 euros per MWh.