Region: CO2 emissions cut in 2020 – Greece is a leader

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The statement from the Eurostat said that CO2 emissions fell in all of the EU’s 27 member states compared to 2019, as Governments imposed lockdown measures to slow the spread of the virus. According to Eurostat’s estimate, carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel combustion dropped by 10 % in the European Union in 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic. The largest decreases were seen for all types of coals. The consumption of oil and oil products also decreased in almost all member-states, while natural gas consumption decreased only in 15 member-states and increased or stayed at the same level in the 12 others.

Greece recorded the largest decrease (-18.7 %), followed by Estonia (-18.1 %), Luxembourg (-17.9 %), Spain (-16.2 %) and Denmark (-14.8 %). The countries with the smallest reductions were Malta (-1 %), Hungary (-1.7 %), Ireland (-2.6 %) and Lithuania (-2.6 %).