Region: Day in advance prices over 208 euros per MWh Tuesday

, SEE Energy News

The day before, delivery prices on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, on electricity exchanges in Southeast Europe ranged from 208.48 euros per MWh in Bulgaria and Romania to 278.08 euros per MWh in Greece.

The spot price on the Serbian stock exchange SEEPEX on Tuesday is almost identical to Monday – 222.88 euros per MWh.

The Bulgarian and Romanian markets crashed on Tuesday, with a price of 208.48 euros per MWh. That is 28 euros, or 24 euros less than on Monday.

The Hungarian price was reduced by 14 euros for one day, to 216.81 euros per MWh.

On the Slovenian and Croatian stock exchanges, the spot price on Tuesday is 220.16 euros per MWh, which is 2 euros more than on Monday.

The Greek market recorded a price drop of 56 euros, to 278.08 euros per MWh on Tuesday.

According to EPEX SPOT, day-ahead prices in Central and Western Europe on Tuesday range from 109.01 euros per MWh in Poland to 310.21 euros per MWh in Switzerland.

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