Region, Drop in spot prices to around 100 euros per MWh on Sunday

, SEE Energy News

Spot electricity prices for delivery on Sunday, December 25, in most of Europe fell to levels of around 100 euros per MWh. The prices recorded a downward trend in the previous five days and they were more than sailed through.

In Southeast Europe and Hungary, day-ahead prices on Sunday ranged from 91.5 euros per MWh in Serbia to 193.39 euros per MWh in Greece. The Greek market is also the most expensive European market, since no other country has achieved a price over 121 euros per MWh, while on the other hand, Spain and Portugal record the lowest prices on the continent – 15.24 euros per MWh.

The day before, the price in Serbia was reduced by 22% compared to Saturday, while on December 21 it was 209.57 euros per MWh.

The Croatian and Slovenian spot price has also more than halved in five days, from around EUR 225 per MWh to EUR 106 per MWh.

The Hungarian price moved in a similar range – 227.53 euros on December 21, that is, 106.38 euros per MWh, which was achieved on December 25.

The Bulgarian and Romanian market in the tiled regime recorded a price drop from 224.34 euros per MWh to 101.62 euros per MWh in the same period.