Region, Price of electricity in SEE will not drop below 150 euros/Mwh in the next few months

, SEE Energy News

Director of the Electricity Market Division at Serbian EMS Marko Jankovic said at the Trebinje Energy Summit is that the price of electricity in southeastern Europe will not drop below 150 euros/Mwh in the next few months and only in late 2022 or early 2023, prices below 100 euros/MWh could be expected.

He said that it is now clear that electricity prices in 2022 will not return to levels from April last year.

The participants of the Trebinje Energy Summit pointed out the importance of further investments in renewable energy in southeastern Europe, especially wind and solar.

It was also pointed out that Bosnia and Herzegovina remains unable to control energy prices within its territory due to the lack of energy exchange. Energy Secretary at the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs Admin Softic said that the study, performed by the World Bank, proved that the establishment of the energy exchange in Bosnia and Herzegovina would be sustainable and financially viable.

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