Region, Six-month maximum in hydropower production – 970 GWh

, SEE Energy News

Hydropower production in the Balkan region increased in the period from November 20 to December 4, according to hydrological reports and ENSTO-E data from December 6. Hydropower generation is expected to fall briefly, but a new increase is likely in December following forecast rainfall.

Combined hydropower production in Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina jumped to a six-month high of 970 GWh from November 20 to 26, before falling to 831 GWh from November 17 to 4. December.

The total production of hydropower increased, led by the increase in production in hydroelectric power plants on the Danube in Romania and Serbia (which share HPP Đerdap), but also by a strong increase in the production of storage HPPs in Croatia and Bosnia to the highest level in 2022.

Hydropower reserves also increased slightly in the observed period, especially in Croatia and Romania, despite a continuous decline in Bulgaria, to a three-year low. Total supplies are 4.26 TWh on December 6, which is 2.6% higher than two weeks earlier.

It is expected that hydropower production will fall in the period from December 5 to 11, due to the drop in the level of the Danube below the multi-year seasonal average in both Serbia and Romania. River water levels should remain unchanged in Slovakia and Bulgaria.

In the second half of December, another increase in production in flow-through HPPs is possible, thanks to the precipitation in the Danube catchment area, according to data from the Hungarian National Hydrological Service.