Region: The new ADEX electricity exchange will increase liquidity in the spot market

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According to INHGA, the level of the Danube in Romania will rise in the next seven days. However, a small amount of precipitation is expected in the Balkans in the 15th week.

The Bulgarian unit of the 1,000-MW Kozloduy nuclear power plant will be in the planned overhaul from April 21st to May 31st, according to ENTSO-E.

Price starters

The fall in the contract price for the month ahead at the TTF gas hub affected the fall in the Hungarian price of electricity for closer delivery.

The Czech agreement for the day ahead and the calendar year 2024 follows the growth trend on the German stock exchange.


Slovenian and Serbian network operators, together with EPEX SPOT, are establishing a new electricity exchange called ADEX, it was announced on April 4.

ADEX will offer best-in-class solutions for trading and clearing in the CEE community and help build liquidity in these extraordinary circumstances, said Ralph Danielski, CEO of EPEX SPOT on Monday. He expects acceleration through the necessary implementation of market drip in this region in order to complete the European integration of the spot market.

Market overview

We have decided to cooperate with SEEPEX and its shareholders EMS and EPEX SPOT, because we share the same vision of a strong regional electricity exchange that encourages further market integration in CEE, the BSP development manager said on Monday.

Serbia is connected with Croatia and Italy, so the flows will go to Serbia, instead of along the Serbia-Austria-Hungary border, the trader estimated. He expressed hope that a regional stock exchange would be established, but that it would take time.

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