Macedonia, ESM – 72 million euros for TE-TO, 34 million for electricity supply

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Vasko Kovacevski, CEO of AD ESM, presented the items on which the government in Skopje spent 171 million euros during the energy crisis, in the period from the end of last year to April 1.

The most money – about 72 million euros was paid to the cogeneration power plant TE-TO. Of this amount, EUR 65.9 million was paid for the purchased 300 GWh of electricity, while EUR 5.87 million was paid for gas, ie thermal energy for central heating.

EUR 34.43 million was paid for the import of 127 GWh of electricity to cover losses. 12 million euros were transferred to the transmission operator MEPSO for the withdrawn energy.

For the purchase of fuel oil for the needs of TPP Negotino, a thermal power plant that was launched after a long break, 31.72 million euros for 53 thousand tons were paid in the heating season.

In the part of procurement of coal from private companies, outside the mines owned by AD ESM, 2.8 million euros were spent.

ESM would have made a profit of 193 million euros if it had sold 40% of the electricity on the free market, which it was obliged to sell to a universal supplier, Kovacevski said.

He added that the contracts with TPP Negotino and TPP Skopje ceased to be valid on April 1.