Regional game for energy hub toward Italy: Montenegro and Prysmian and Serbia to revise energy deal with Italy

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NGOs from Serbia and Montenegro welcomed the initiative of the Ministry of Energy of Serbia to review all permits, issued by the State, for the construction of power plants.

In the NGO, Euromost” they say that there is a battle in the region which state will be the energy hub. Executive Director of “Euromost” Almer Mekić said that Serbia had that intention, but this week, the Serbian government has withdrawn the proposal for ratification of the energy agreement with Italy from the parliamentary procedure.

In addition, Mekić states that the Ministry of Energy of the Government of Serbia initiated a review of permits issued for the construction of power plants.

“It is interesting that they withdrew ratification, after learning that the Prysmian Group, world leader in the industry of energy and telecommunication cable systems, got a contract for setting up a sea ground cable between Montenegro and Italy worth 400 million Euros. With what did Montenegro entered into an investment that will put it in the first place of energy hub in the region, which is what Serbia sought for. That could be a possible reason for the withdrawal of ratification of the energy agreement between Serbia and Italy, because Italy is turned to Montenegro” said Mekić in a media statement.

He says it is possible that some organizations from Serbia, Montenegro and Italy that opposed the setting up of the sea ground cable, were involved in the case.

“But it is possible that they did so supporting the interest of Serbia, and not because the cable would harm the environment in Montenegro,” Mekić concluded.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine