TPP Ugljevik plans Gas desulphurization facility project planned for 2013

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General Manager of the mine and power plant / MTPP / “Ugljevik” Anto Gajic announced at the beginning of next year they should begin with the implementation of the project of gas desulphurization.

“The development of the study of the desulfurization project is in progress and early next year, in January or February, we should start with the pre-qualification of contractors and development of the project documentation,” said Gajic.

Pre-qualification will be necessary because there are quality contractors for these tasks all around the world – America, Europe, Japan

“We follow the dynamics of the business, consultants work intensively with our group of people, that is people from the Electric Power Industry of the Republic Srpska  and our experts.

A study will be done to show whether it is limestone or lime, and we expect that the basic document for the preparation of tender documents to be done very quickly so that prequalification is expected in January or February next year” Gajic explained.

Thermal power plant “Ugljevik” uses brown coal with high sulfur content of about five percent to produce electricity. Combustion of this type of coal leads to substantial emissions of sulfur dioxide, which is one of the most dangerous environmental pollutants and human health hazard, according to

The concentration of sulfur dioxide in the environment on an annual level is 62.5 times higher than what is allowed by EU directives.

Gas desulphurization unit will provide large reductions in air pollutants, primarily sulfur dioxide, which is why they are being constructed in the first place.

The reduction of sulfur dioxide emissions, according to experts, from 25,000 milligrams per cubic meter to 400 milligrams per cubic meter will reach the value of emissions that comply with European norms when it comes to coal-fueled power plants.

Other data, such reduction of dust particles by 70 or 80 percent in the air, shows that the process of desulphurization is making major contributions to the improvement of air quality in the area that is affected by emissions from TPP “Ugljevik”.

Gajic said that reconstruction of electric filters is also planned in TPP “Ugljevik”, which is a precondition to adjusting the desulphurization unit.

“We planned the reconstruction of electric filters which must be done before the desulphurization unit so we have the problem of hold up of the block. Next year we plan a hold up with duration of 60 days, because we have work arranged on the automatics of the block, and it will certainly be done in the next year” Gajic said.

He also said during the planned hold up on April 20, next year, when repair will start and last for 60 days, electric filters can not be fully completed, because the completion of such work requires a much longer period.

“For their reconstruction we would need a much longer hold up, so we are trying to find a way of what is to be done in the overhaul next year so that we could complete the reconstruction in the next few years. It is the only way to reduce the amount of particles in the gases to below 50 milligrams, which is a requirement in order to be able to set up a desulphurization plant” said Gajic.

Gas desulfurization project in Ugljevik should be completed by 2016.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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