Republika Srpska: 106MEUR Flue gas desulphurization tender in 2014

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Mine and power plant (M & TPP) “Ugljevik” fulfilled the annual plan of electricity generation of 1,600 gigawatt-hours, three days before the end of the year, said the director of the electric power giant Ziko Krunic.

Krunić noted that this generation of electricity is accompanied by adequate production at Rudnik, where, as of yesterday, 1.9 million tons of coal was produced, which against the annual plan of 1,869,365 tons represents achievement of 102%.

According to him, the realization of overburden is at the level of the annual plan of 8.95 million m3.

He added that this production is the result of efforts of all employees in the Rite “Ugljevik” and investments.

– The conditions were created with investments in recent years, as well as in this year, when operational readiness and safety of thermal power plant are built to a higher level, while Rudnik is qualified to meet all production tasks by procurement of new machinery. For these investments, we had a very great understanding and support of “Electric Power Industry” and the Government of the Republic of Srpska – said Krunic.

He noted that in 2013, in during the regular repair, installation of the system for monitoring and control mode of the thermal power plant is made, the so-called automation, which has optimized operation of a block and reduced the influence of subjective factors in the management of mode of operation.

Krunic reminded that this year the pre-qualification process for the selection of firms for project realization of desulphurization TPP is completed.

– Next year a tender will be anounced and selection of the best performers will be performed, while the realization of this project worth more than 100 MEUR, for which the loan was previously provided from the Japanese government, will follow in the next three years – said Krunic.

He concluded that this was by far the largest project in protecting the environment in the “Electric Power Industry of Republic of Srpska”.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk/TPP Ugljevik

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