Republika Srpska: 300MW new Ugljevik plant concession details approved by government, mining fee and share from electricity sales profit

29. July 2013. / SEE Energy News

The government of Republika Srpska adopted decision on conditions for public call for the concession for construction and use of thermal power plant “Ugljevik 3”, with installed power of two times of 300 megawatts and annual production of 4.380 gig watt – hour, which total value is 500MEUR.
One-time fee for concession right is 2,2MEUR, and fee for the right to use is 3,6 % of the total income earned from electricity production.

Concession is given for a period of 30 years, it was announced from Government Office for public relations.

The government has adopted the Information on item 3. “Road Maps –Elaboration of general scheme of gas pipeline development in Republika Srpska “, by which it is envisaged the construction of the route Banja Luka- Bijeljina- Novi Grad with a length of 325 kilometers and it will follow the route of highways and roads of Serb Republic.

The planned capacity of gas pipeline is three billion cubic meters per year, by witch two billions are for Serb Republic and one for the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

By the development scheme of gas line it is envisaged construction of three potential gas power plants, that is Banjaluka of 250 megawatts, Prijedor of 250 megawatts and alternatively Bijeljina/ Ugljevik of 150 megawatts of electricity.

It is also planned connection of existing large consumers, but also development of distributive network for citizens and connections for local industrial consumers; it was announced from Office for public relations of Serb Republic government.

Source; RS gov/Serbia Energy See desk

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