Republika Srpska: Comsar Hydro Holding Ltd Malta the new owner of the future 36MW HPP Mrsovo

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By decision of the Government of Republika Srpska, Gov approved the change of the owner in the concession public enterprise “Comsar Energy Hydro” Banja Luka with 100% transfer of the previous owners “Comsar Energy Trading “on the new owner “Comsar Hydro Holding Limited”, which is located in Malta.

“Comsar Energy Hydro” is the investor of construction of hydro power plant “Mrsovo” on the river Lim. Flow hydropower plant will have installed capacity of 36.8 MW and will be connected to the electricity grid in 2016th.

The plant will be connected to grid of Republika Srpska at 110kV voltage level, which is determined by the power of HPP and proximity of suitable connecting node voltage of 110kV. According to the preliminary solution from the standpoint of electrical equipment it was adopted a resolution with three-phase synchronous generators (G1, G2, G3) and three step-up transformers (T1, T2, T3). Generators will run three vertical Kaplan turbines, each with rated power of 12.43 MW.

By the owner changing it is provided the appearance of so-called “transfer prices”, which usually appear just in the service activities. Transfer prices are those at which goods and services between related parties are sold, as well as mutual loans and credits providing. Given that this is traffic between related parties, there is a possibility for manipulation in order to avoid paying taxes.