Republika Srpska: Electricity cheapest in the region, comparison with regional trends

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Director for Economic and Financial Affairs in the “PowerUtility Company of Republika Srpska” Blagoje Supic said that the electricity in Republika Srpska is the cheapest in the region and that in the coming period there would be no price increases.

“When it comes to the electricity price in the industry it is in “Power Utility Company of Republika Srbija” for 84 percent lower than in the ” Power Utility Company of the Croatian Community of Herceg -Bosna ‘ / HZHB / , for 75 percent compared with “BiH Power Utility Company” , for four percent compared to the “Serbia Power Utility Company”‘ , and for 64 percent of the price of ” Montenegro Power Utility Company”, while it is for 113 percent lower than in “Croatian Power Utility Company”, said Supic.

Stressing that the situation is similar when it comes to domestic prices, Supic said that those in the “Serbia Power Utility of Republika Srpska” are for 23 percent lower than those in ” HZHB Power Utility Company”, for 15 percent of “BiH Power Utility Company “, for 40 percent of ” Montenegro Power Utility Company”, and for 67 percent then in ” Croatian Power Utility Company”, while in ” Serbia Power Utility Company” is lower for three percent .

“Such low rates in Republika Srpska say that they maximally want to help to citizens and economy”, said Supic.

He pointed out that even in the coming period will be no increase in the electricity price because none of the electricity company has not filed a request to change the price, or to initiate tariff proceedings in front of the Energy Regulatory Commission.

Source; Serbia Energy

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