Republika Srpska: New Mine for TPP Gacko to extend electricity Production

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The Mine and Thermal Power Plant (R&TPP) Gacko does not have enough coal stocks, which could stop electricity generation as of June. However, a new open pit mine will be opened soon, which will contribute to generation stability and provide the necessary quantities of coal for the operation of this energy giant.

At session of the Gacko Municipal Assembly, the councilors also pronounced themselves positively upon the opening of this new mine.

Although the new mine will be opened in the close vicinity of the town’s residential zone, in the local assembly, they have nevertheless taken the stand that the opening of the new mine is of general interest to the municipality, but both the ruling and the opposition parties have insisted on the adoption of the conclusions guaranteeing that all environmental standards will be complied with during the opening of the new mine.

They also insisted that the purchase of land be in the best interest of both the municipality and the citizens to whom 2.5 to 5 KM (1.25 to 2.5 euros) will be paid per square meter, depending on land quality.

“During the opening of the new mine, outmost limits will have to be clearly defined and marked, a protective belt will have to be created, and the conversion of land use from agricultural to industrial land will also have to be provided, whereby more money will also pour into the local coffers through fees for the use of natural resources, whereat the municipality will obtain 70 percent of funds, and the Republic will obtain 30 percent“, it was said at the session of the Municipal Assembly.

Although lower quality coal will be excavated in the new mine, the officials of the Mine Gacko claim that they will obtain the necessary production feedstock by mixing with the energy source from the existing mine.

As reported by the media, this company has coal stocks for another month, and the key problem is the enormous delay of overburden, i.e. the layer of soil above coal in the open pit mine, which has piled up in the last few years and which amounts to as much as 20 million cubic meters at this moment.

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